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HTC Desire 10 Pro Reviews (74%)

HTC Desire 10 Pro Reviews (74%) 1
74% Aggregate Rating From Professional Review Outlets.

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HTC Desire 10 Pro


By Digit on 64

The HTC Desire 10 Pro is a decent smartphone. In fact, it’s one of the better smartphones that HTC has produced recently. But consider it only if the OnePlus 3, Asus Zenfone 3 or the Moto Z Play aren’t within your…

By on 80

You cannot clearly expect a slayer performance from the HTC Desire 10 Pro. It doesn’t, however, displease at any point. The camera is good enough for your social media usage, and the manual mode makes you feel that you have a little more control….

By on 60

The HTC Desire 10 Pro is an overall really good smartphone. It has an appealing design, decent performance and the camera experience is great. But it faces tough competition from devices like OnePlus 3T, Moto Z Play and Nubia Z11, which offer immensely.

By on 78

A good mid-range phone that looks like something a tier or two higher. Don’t expect flagship performance however.Byline: Sharil Abdul…

By on 70

HTC needs to set its priorities right. While I was happy with how good the smartphone looks, its performance is as good as a budget device. Selling such a phone in the territory of the OnePlus 3 is a bad idea.With an asking price of Rs 26,490, it is…

By on 85

At RM1,699, the HTC Desire 10 Pro is a midrange phone that errs towards the side of pricey, but considering the performance we got from the synthetic benchmarks, it’s hard to for us to say that this phone isn’t worth its asking price.The performance of…

By Gadgets360 on 70

The HTC Desire 10 Pro is a good device but at Rs. 26,470, its pricing is on the higher side, which makes us think twice before recommending it. The SoC is not the best when you consider other Android smartphones around this segment that pack faster…

International Review By on 82

HTC s’aventure sur un terrain miné à savoir le secteur des milieux de gamme, déjà bien occupé par ZTE, Honor, ou encore Huawei avec son futur Nova. Face à cette concurrence rude, le Desire 10 Pro compte sur ses points forts, à commencer par ses APN.On…

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