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Samsung Galaxy Note FE (Fan Edition) Reviews (81%)

Samsung Galaxy Note FE (Fan Edition) Reviews (81%) 1
81% Aggregate Rating From Professional Review Outlets.

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Samsung Galaxy Note FE (Fan Edition)


By TopNewReview on 80

An acceptable option for the Note fans, the Samsung Galaxy Note FE retains what we loved about the samsung Galaxy note7 when we had the device in our lab over a year. The Galaxy Note FE…

By on 75

The Galaxy Note FE. A competently made, superbly specced rework of the erstwhile Galaxy Note7 that acts as a more affordable alternative to the Galaxy Note8. A superb rear camera, a responsive stylus and excellent overall performance make it a highly desirable acquisition…

By Phone Arena on 88

Samsung’s Galaxy Note Fan Edition is the right smartphone at the wrong time. It is too bad it is ostensibly little more of an exercise in recycling, and barely a month before the world would be introduced to its successor for good measure. Were it not…

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