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iPhone XR Reviews (85%)

iPhone XR Reviews (85%) 1
85% Aggregate Rating From Professional Review Outlets.

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iPhone XR


By TechRadar on 90

Of the three iPhones launched in 2018, the iPhone XR is the most impressive of the lot. Not because of the strength of the spec – the iPhone XS is slightly ahead in a lot of areas – but what you’re ‘saving’ by going for this model far outweighs what…

By pickr.com.au on 94

Of the three iPhone models released this year, it’s pretty clear which one is the best: the most pricey of the bunch, the iPhone XS Max not only packs the some of the best hardware, but does it with a big screen and massive battery.Overall, however,…

By PCMag IN on 70

The Apple iPhone XR is the fashion-forward model of this year’s iPhones, but it trades top-notch performance for a colorful design.

By Stuff on 100

While it misses out on a few luxuries, the iPhone XR is the toughest, cheapest and sweetest iPhone you can buy.

By technobuffalo.com on 80

I own an iPhone X, so the iPhone XR isn’t really for me (neither is the iPhone XS, as I said in my review). But anyone looking to upgrade their iPhone 7 or earlier should seriously consider the iPhone XR, because it offers few comprises compared to Apple’s more expensive options, and is in some instances better.

By AppleInsider on 90

Regardless of how you look at it, the iPhone XR is a great smartphone at a great price. It’s 75 percent of the cost of the iPhone XS, but offers practically all of the functionality a user could want.

By cnet on 89

The iPhone XR is the best iPhone for the price, delivering most of the advantages of the iPhone XS for hundreds less.

By MacWorld on 100

The iPhone XR might not be as cutting-edge as the iPhone XS, but it strikes a perfect balance between affordability and luxury without sacrificing the things that make it great.

By Macworld on 100

While the iPhone XR obviously takes its cues from Apple’s thousand-dollar flagship phones, it’s priced like an iPhone 9 would be. In an alternate reality where the iPhone X never existed, the XR would be the most exciting iPhone in years, and people…

By camerajabber.com on 85

If you’re set on owning an iOS device, this is the cheapest way to get a current model. However, there are better performing Android phones in this price bracket, especially for photographers.

By SlashGear on 90

$250 is either a lot of money to save for minimal compromise, or a small premium to pay for dual cameras, a markedly improved display, and the iPhone XS’ other advantages. Where you fall on that will depend on how addicted to your smartphone you actually are, and how you prioritize having the very bleeding-edge of devices.

By PhotographyBLOG on 80

Putting all other considerations aside, the iPhone XR will no doubt still sell extremely well. If you’re heavily invested in the iOS ecosystem, it’s the cheapest entry into owning a current iPhone, so is recommended for iPhone fans who are on a (slightly) restricted budget.

By in.ign.com on 85

If you’re a fan of the plus-sized iPhones but don’t want to spend $1000, the XR will appeal to you. If you’re like me though, and you prefer a pocket-sized device at a pocket change price, it feels like Apple has left us out in the cold. At least the iPhone 8 is still a solid option. Despite its drawbacks, the iPhone XR provides a near XS-like experience for $250 less, which is pretty great.

By Alphr on 100

Still, for some people a new phone and a new iPhone are one and the same thing. For those Android refuseniks, the iPhone XR is an easy recommendation: you don’t lose much by saving £250 and passing on the Xs. And viewed exclusively through that peculiar, Apple-centric lens, the iPhone XR is – in its own strange way – something of a bargain.

By Know Your Mobile on 90

Despite cutting some corners to reach that price point, Apple has created a colourful and powerful handset which is arguably a better choice than the more expensive XS and XS Max.

By techguide.com.au on 100

Apple’s iPhone XR is a ticks all the boxes in terms of design, quality and performance and manages to offer amazing camera quality through a single lens. And that comes down to the advantage Apple has over every other smartphone manufacturer – their own…

By theguardian.com on 80

The iPhone XR is an odd proposition. For many it will be the most attractive iPhone just because it is £250 cheaper than the iPhone XS, but it’s important to note that at £749 it is in no way cheap.Many top-end rivals cost around the £750 mark while…

By Digit on 71

The iPhone XR sports Apple’s fastest processor yet, the A12 Bionic chip and comes with a near-bezel-less design. However minor things like the lack of an HD display, no dual camera and a terribly limited portrait mode makes the smartphone feel like an…

By Expert Reviews on 100

The iPhone XR is not the best iPhone but it’s nearly as good as the XS and it’s far, far…

By T3 Magazine on 100

The iPhone XR kind of feels like it has suffered from the order that Apple has released its phones, coming out a month after the iPhone XS and XS Max.If this had come out first, it would be the baseline iPhone, and the XS would like the premium models,…

By Macworld UK on 50

The iPhone XR brings Face ID to the masses. We’re sure people will continue to rebel against the lack of Home button, but eventually we expect them to come round and embrace the larger screen, Portrait mode (front and back), animoji and memoji. We have…

By Canadian Reviewer on 90

The iPhone XR will appeal to almost any iPhone user looking for a bigger, more affordable iPhone X.People who don’t need the ultimate in cameras and who find the iPhone XS Max too large or the iPhone XS too small, will feel right at home with the iPhone…

By firstpost.com on 45

For those of you who have also read through our XS Max review, you may have noted that scores aren’t too different from those of the XS. And that’s where the beauty of the iPhone XR lies!It manages to do more with less, it manages to click more…

By Phone Arena on 90

The iPhone XR is a very interesting new iPhone. That it is a terrific smartphone is certain: it has a great display, best-in-industry performance and camera – almost everything in it is no-compromise.Is it a great iPhone, though? This has been the…

By TechRadar on 80

The iPhone XR is Apple’s least expensive phone launched this year but it’s not cheap by any means. While it lacks the premium design and screen of the iPhone XS, it still packs a punch and is a great upgrade option for anyone using an iPhone that’s a…

By avforums.com on 90

This is the iPhone which, for most people, is everything they’ll need. The camera is the biggest casualty of the specifications cutbacks, and the lower-resolution LCD, non-HDR display instead of OLED. These are significant, but in most everyday uses,…

By IndianExpress on 80

Apple iPhone XR review: Priced at Rs 76,900, the so-called affordable smartphone will be made available in India on October 26.Apple iPhone XR Review: This year Apple decided to break convention again with a third phone. While the iPhone X was a…

By IndiaToday on 85

I have no doubt that the iPhone XR will sell in great numbers. These numbers are likely going to come from consumers who have been waiting for a cheaper iPhone to hit the market. I think the iPhone XR is for people who didn’t want to spend $1000 on the…

By TheStraitsTimes on 80

For users of older iPhones seeking an upgrade, the more affordable iPhone XR provides an attractive…

By mensxp.com on 90

The iPhone XR may not have a beautiful OLED screen or dual camera set up at the back, but it still performs like a flagship phone and takes amazing pictures.The iPhone XR is definitely an upgrade option if you’re currently using the iPhone 6/7 or even…

By T3 on 80

I was skeptical when I first saw the iPhone XR along with the introduction of the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max last month. The iPhone XR is supposedly Apple’s less expensive iPhone – I’m saying less expensive because with a starting price of 3,179 AED it…

By Mashable on 89

The iPhone XR is the Goldilocks of iPhones with a big screen, fantastic cameras, and future-proof power — all at price that’s considerably less than the iPhone XS and XS Max.

By The Verge on 80

Personally, I would pay the extra money for a better OLED screen in a heartbeat, because I am extremely picky about displays. But I think most people can find way better ways to spend $250 than on things like infinite black levels and 60 percent wider dynamic range when viewing photos. And in that case, the iPhone XR is a no-brainer upgrade.

By Wired on 80

You’ll have a great smartphone camera. Your phone’s battery might last a whole weekend, the way mine did, and you probably won’t miss the OLED display, since you won’t be looking at the two different displays side-by-side every day like I’ve been. This iPhone was a steal, you’ll think to yourself. Well. Maybe. Sort of.

By MobileSyrup on 80

“The handset is designed for Apple users that want access to the iPhone X, iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max’s most useful and eye-catching features, but that don’t want to shell out the money for the company’s top-tier…

By Tom’s Guide on 90

The iPhone XR has shockingly few trade-offs compared to the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max given that it costs $250 to $350 less. In fact, many may prefer the iPhone XR over Apple’s pricier flagships for two reasons beyond the cheaper price: more color…

By 91mobiles.com on 80

Considering you can get many capable flagships in Android territory in the same price segment as the iPhone XR, it’d be wrong to look at Apple’s offering with the same lens. However, if you consider the current lineup of iPhones, the base model of the…

By Engadget on 89

I alluded to this earlier, but building a device like the iPhone XR is an exercise in thoughtful compromise. How do you give people as good an iOS experience as possible for $750? Apple’s answer — by folding top-tier performance, valuable software and…

By imore.com on 45

Most years, Apple price-drops the previous iPhone by $100 and offers it up as a less-expensive option to the latest, greatest flagship iPhone. Once before, though, Apple dropped an expensive-to-produce previous iPhone completely and,…

By gottabemobile.com on 90

The iPhone XR is the best iPhone for the money for most buyers. You get nearly identical performance, excellent software, most of the iPhone XS features, wireless charging, Face ID and a good camera for $250 less than the cheapest iPhone XS. You can…

By Gadgets360 on 90

Let’s go back to the question that we started with: is the iPhone XR a compromised device? It isn’t; not in ways that would matter to most users. While we are not fans of its display, it does its job without being particularly great. In other areas such…

By dxomark.com on 99

With the sky-high prices of the latest XS line of iPhones, the less-expensive XR will be desirable to many Apple enthusiasts looking to upgrade their smartphone. Implementing a single-cam solution makes the XR more affordable, but it also means you’ll…

By hardwarezone.com.sg on 85

The iPhone XR is the best value iPhone this year.That sounds a little crazy considering it starts at S$1,229, but that’s still S$420 cheaper the cheapest iPhone XS. For that price, you’re getting a phone that does basically 90% of what the iPhone XS…

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