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Samsung Galaxy J4 Plus Reviews (69%)

Samsung Galaxy J4 Plus Reviews (69%) 1
69% Aggregate Rating From Professional Review Outlets.

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Samsung Galaxy J4 Plus


By Gadgets360 on 60

Samsung is clearly relying a lot on its brand value and software features to sell these phones. They might have some appeal in terms of physical appearance and software features, but their performance is just not competitive at all as compared to other…

By IndianExpress on 60

Samsung Galaxy J4 Plus has a good battery and primary camera performance. However, that is where the best features of this device end. Performance is okay, but, if you are looking to do some serious gaming, there are better devices in the market you can…

International Review By curved.de on 74

Für den Preis in Ordnung. Zu dem Schluss kommen wir bei vielen Funktionen des Samsung Galaxy J4 Plus und das ist auch unsere abschließende Meinung: Das Smartphone ist gerade noch ok, wenn man nicht auf der Suche nach einem schnellen Gerät für aktuelle…

International Review By AndroidWorld on 65

6.5Samsung Galaxy J4+Samsung Galaxy J4 Plus non ha brillato come invece hanno fatto tanti (se non quasi tutti) gli smartphone Samsung lanciati nel 2018. Ha dei punti di forza interessanti, come autonomia e display, ma se quello che vi interessa è anche…

By Expert Reviews on 80

The Samsung J4 Plus’ limited specifications are easier to stomach in a cheap budget phone and you could argue that the £40 savings on the J6 Plus have been made in the right places. Losing the depth-sensing camera is a pity for photography buffs but they’d be better served by opting for the Moto G7 instead.

By NotebookCheck on 79

The Samsung Galaxy J4 Plus is an excellent entry-level smartphone that is great value for money.

By 3G UK on 70

The Samsung Galaxy J4 Plus gives you a big screen on a budget and also packs in a few extras, but in most ways it struggles to stand out. It’s solid, but doesn’t rise above rivals.

By gadgetsnow.com on 60

The Samsung Galaxy J4 Plus offers a well build design and decent set of specifications. The smartphone is a good choice for the people who are switching from a feature phone to a smartphone. But if you are…

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