Nokia 2.1 Reviews (66%)

Nokia 2.1 Reviews (66%) 1
66% Aggregate Rating From Professional Review Outlets.

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Nokia 2.1


By Neowin on 70

As I stated in my introduction, the Nokia 2.1 is a phone that really is scraping the bottom of the barrel when it comes to how much less a smartphone can cost without joining the ranks of feature phones.That does mean that a lot of the Nokia 2.1’s…

By MobilePhones on 75

Build QualityPhone Set UpFeaturesCamera & VideoBattery LifeOur Nokia 2.1 review reveals a star buy that will arrive in the UK in July 2018 and be priced at around £90, handset only. If you opt for a contract then line rentals are also likely…

By NotebookCheck on 75

Budget 2.1. The Nokia 2.1 succeeds the Nokia 2 and manages to be both cheaper and more powerful than its predecessor. The amount RAM and flash storage are still meagre though, but the device runs Android One Oreo Edition, which should mean that it…

By Trusted Reviews on 60

As keen as we are on affordable phones, the Nokia 2.1’s performance tests your patience too…

International Review By Les Numériques on 60

Faire un smartphone aux environs de 100 € est décidément un défi complexe. Obligés de faire des concessions techniques majeures, les constructeurs transforment ces mobiles en machines monomaniaques. C’est le cas de ce Nokia 2 qui, grâce à son…

International Review By on 57

Por 99 euros, que es el precio oficial en su página web es difícil encontrar un móvil con mejores prestaciones. Por eso, el Nokia 2.1 puede ser una buena opción si estamos pensando regalarle un móvil a nuestro padre/madre, abuelo/abuela. Un móvil…

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