Motorola One Reviews (71%)

Motorola One Reviews (71%) 1
71% Aggregate Rating From Professional Review Outlets.

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Motorola One


By TechAdvisor on 70

The Motorola One is a slightly confusing device, hovering around the same price as the firm’s excellent Moto G6 Plus. What’s on offer here is a display with a notch and Android One, but in the context of the competitive mid-range market, the Motorola One doesn’t quite match up to rivals in various ways. It’s good but not great.

By AndroidAuthority on 80

A fine phone to use, but not the best value for money given the performance and camera versus the stiff competition out there right now.

By TrustedReviews on 80

A tasteful, likeable Android.

By ExpertReviews on 80

Is the Motorola One a major improvement on the Motorola Moto G6 Plus? No, not especially. I’m not a huge fan of the notched display, but it’s the non-HD resolution which irks me most. For a £269 smartphone, in 2018, it’s disappointing.

By The Verge on 50

The Motorola One, despite its smooth and stylish package, cuts the wrong corners and ultimately falls flat beside the even cheaper Nokia 7.1. It’s a disappointment, especially given how remarkably well Motorola’s $200 to $300 Moto G line strikes that balance of price and performance.

By TechTudo on 72

Fica claro que o objetivo da Motorola com este novo aparelho é experimentar com um novo formato de celular, cujo design certamente lembra o iPhone X. Permanece, porém, a dúvida sobre o real relação entre custo e benefício, considerando-se que o Moto G6 sai mais barato, com direito a tela e câmera ligeiramente melhores.

By ePhotoZine on 70

The Motorola One is a reasonably priced smartphone that offers interesting features such as Android One and a Dual Rear Camera but with its habit of not getting the exposure correct in photos and other smartphones, at a similar price, offering better camera specs (and often image quality), it may not be the first choice for photography fans. However, it does have some lovely design features – slim bezels and a top-notch – that make it appear more premium than it actually is but style doesn’t trump substance in this instance.

By Wired UK on 80

Motorola’s first notched phone is a decent budget device and its first to use Android One. But the brand’s latest experiment places taste over value and disappoints in the key battleground – the camera.

International Review By Parentesis on 74

Sin duda, éste es el iPhone que debes comprar si quieres tener lo más reciente, pero te niegas gastar más de 20 mil pesos en un teléfono inteligente. Tiene buenos materiales, las tecnologías más recientes de Apple —con excepción de la pantalla OLED—,…

International Review By Le Journal du Geek on 60

Le Moto One profite de tous les biens faits d’Android One. Malgré une bonne prise en main, il n’a ni l’élégance ni les performances de ses concurrents. Son appareil photo peine à convaincre également. Pour moins de 300 euros, vous pourriez vous tourner…

International Review By Computer Bild on 68

Das Motorola Moto One knüpft an das Konzept der erfolgreichen ersten Moto-G-Modelle an: Es ist ein handliches Smartphone mit purem Android, guter Verarbeitung und alltagstauglicher Technik. Dennoch fielen im Test einige Schwächen auf: Der Bildschirm ist…

International Review By Netzwelt on 80

Mit der Moto G-Serie feiert Motorola im Budget-Bereich große Erfolge. Nun bekommt das Moto G6 Konkurrenz aus dem eigenen Hause. Mit dem Motorola One will der Hersteller den hauseigenen Preis-Leistungs-Champion übertrumpfen. Kann das gelingen? Ein…

International Review By on 60

Schon seit Langem setzt Hersteller Motorola bei seinen Smartphones auf nahezu pures Android OS, mit nur wenigen Anpassungen und damit wenig Bloatware. Mit dem Motorola One geht man aber noch einen Schritt weiter und verpflichtet sich zu langen Updates….

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