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Samsung Galaxy A30 Reviews (71%)

Samsung Galaxy A30 Reviews (71%) 1
71% Aggregate Rating From Professional Review Outlets.

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Samsung Galaxy A30


By on 70

Truth be told, the Samsung Galaxy A30 delivers quite a lot at an affordable price of Rs 16,999. The handset’s display is its strongest point and the inclusion of One UI makes the deal even better. The only qualm I have with the phone concerns the…

By Gadgets360 on 70

Samsung’s new strategy seems to be throwing everything at consumers and seeing what sticks. Unfortunately, we don’t think the Galaxy A30 is the most successful of its many recent launches.Other than the good battery life, Super AMOLED display and decent…

By on 57

The Samsung Galaxy A30 is an affordable offering by the company, but it does leave me wanting more out of it. It would make a great option as a secondary device or for those who just need to do the simplest of tasks on their…

By on 72

So to wrap up this review, let’s go back to my question about whether the current crop of mid-range devices have to worry about the Samsung Galaxy A30. The answer is a resounding no but they could take a few lessons from it though especially when it…

By on 78

Samsung Galaxy A30 menyajikan fungsi yang cukup padat di dalamnya untuk sebuah peranti berharga RM799. Ia menampilkan skrin paling baik berbanding peranti pesaingnya, dengan menyajikan paparan Super AMOLED yang sangat terang. Ia juga menampilkan…

By on 81

Samsung Galaxy A30 is one of the few Samsung mid-range offerings that I like. It’s feature-rich with its striking AMOLED screen and design, modest internals, and above-average camera performance. Round it all up with Samsung’s refreshed One UI software…

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