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Xiaomi Redmi Go Reviews (75%)

Xiaomi Redmi Go Reviews (75%) 1
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Xiaomi Redmi Go


By on 70

Xiaomi recently launched the Redmi Go handset in India, priced at Rs. 4,499 and using the same hardware the Snapdragon 425 quad core. This is a basic entry level smartphone and parents are going to love it because it is indeed PUBG Safe.Redmi Go is…

By NotebookCheck on 79

– Inexpensive without Being CheapThe Xiaomi Redmi Go feels considerably more valuable and faster than its price would suggest.To answer our initial question: Yes, it is a bingo – or is it just called bingo? In any case, the Xiaomi Redmi Go sets…

By on 80

The Xiaomi Redmi Go retails for Rs 4,499, making it one of the cheapest smartphone experiences money can buy. Is it a good experience? Well, if you’re coming from a feature phone, then the Redmi Go is a step up in every direction. But, if you can spare…

By on 70

The Redmi Go is ideal for users who are looking to buy an entry-level smartphone. The near stock Android UI combined with Qualcomm CPU and 3,000mAh battery is enough for almost all the day-to-day task. In fact, Redmi Go is offering decent performance…

By on 81

Redmi Go is Xiaomi’s most affordable smartphone to date and even though I feel it’s priced slightly higher than expectations, it boasts of some impressive hardware and software performance for the price. I know, memory and storage bottleneck can be a…

By Gadgets360 on 70

The Redmi Go isn’t as attention-grabbing as Xiaomi’s slightly higher priced offerings. However, tt still offers relatively good hardware for the price, which is a big win for people with very tight budgets or very simple needs. We just wish that there…

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