Nokia 9 PureView Reviews (73%)

Nokia 9 PureView Reviews (73%) 1
73% Aggregate Rating From Professional Review Outlets.

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Nokia 9 PureView


By PCMag on 70

The Nokia 9 PureView could be the right smartphone for shutterbugs, but there are better options for everyone else.

By TomsGuide on 70

The Nokia 9 PureView overcomes some flaws thanks to its intriguing five-camera array and vivid 5.99-inch display.

By on 100

Nokia showed up at Mobile World Congress this year with a great spread of new smartphones, but the Nokia 9 PureView is the one that most people will be interested in. Like the numerous leaks showed, the phone’s main attraction is its camera setup which…

By (Update) on 100

The Nokia 9 PureView is a phone that we are very excited about. Nokia’s brand is one that many are familiar with, especially from way back in the day of the feature phone when the company was already experimenting with various crazy camera ideas. This…

By Pocketnow on 72

It would seem that the big thing about the Nokia 9 Pureview’s multi-camera array is its extremely clean low-noise images. That can be a really great thing. Unfortunately, the camera lacks in other areas such as dynamic range where highlights often get…

By NotebookCheck on 87

What started out as an ambitious idea ended up in a disappointment. The Nokia 9 PureView’s quintuple camera is certainly not anything special or even particularly good. Its camera app is slow and unresponsive, which further belittles the overall…

By on 28

If you want an excellent smartphone camera, get an iPhone XS or iPhone XR, Google Pixel 3, Samsung Galaxy S10, or a Huawei P30 Pro. But whatever you do, don’t get the Nokia 9 PureView.The Nokia 9 PureView’s five rear cameras, arranged in a hexagon…

By Android Central on 60

I don’t like not liking something. It’s not a feeling I relish; I prefer to find the good in things, as I do people.Which is why it’s taken me so long to write this review. The Nokia 9 is not worth buying, despite possessing some redeeming…

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