AT&T also canceling preorders for the Samsung Galaxy Fold, joining other retailers 1

AT&T also canceling preorders for the Samsung Galaxy Fold, joining other retailers

Canceling preorders for the Samsung Galaxy Fold:AT&T also canceling preorders for the Samsung Galaxy Fold, joining other retailers 2

AT&T is joining other retailers in canceling preorders for the troubled Samsung Galaxy Fold smartphone. As reported by CNN, the Samsung Galaxy Fold has had multiple issues since it’s unveiling, and after two delays and an unclear resolution, consumers are becoming impatient.

The wireless carrier told customers in an official statement Wednesday that it would refund customers who had placed orders for the foldable phone, as well as throw in a $100 Visa gift card for the inconvenience.
Samsung announced the highly anticipated Galaxy Fold smartphone in February. But when the company sent review demos to reviewers, many of them broke or experienced technical issues within a short time-frame. Among these defects were the displays breaking or half the display, when unfolded, not powering on. These among other problems found by several tech outlets, forced Samsung to delay the originally planned April launch. The first delay was expected to end in late June to early July, but Samsung has recently announced that they will need another delay to fully resolve all the defects related to the Galaxy Fold. Unfortunately, Samsung has not given any hint as to when they expect to ship the smartphone prompting numerous retailers to cancel pre-orders across the board.
“Unfortunately, Samsung delayed the release of the Galaxy Fold for an extended period of time, which means we can’t ship the phones and have to start canceling preorders,” the AT&T statement said.
AT&T’s response mirrors Best Buy’s , who announced cancellations for Samsung Galaxy Fold preorders in May for the same reason. Not only did the retail chain cancel preorders, but they also sent upset customers a $100 coupon code that can be used for future electronic purchases.
Samsung acknowledged in April that the phone, “needs further improvements to ensure the best possible user experience and industry leading reliability we are known for.”
Some of the most cited defects include the phone hinges detaching with minimal impact, and the foldable screen breaking after the protective film is removed. Both of these have been cited as the main reason for the extended delay, with outlets speculating that Samsung is having issues finding ways to fully resolve both of these problems specifically.
Samsung said it would strengthen the display protection and “enhance the guidance on care and use of the display including the protective layer so that our customers get the most out of their Galaxy Fold.”

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