Google Leaks design of upcoming powerful Google Pixel 4 smartphone 1

Google Leaks design of upcoming powerful Google Pixel 4 smartphone

Google Leaks Google Pixel 4 design on Twitter:Google Leaks design of upcoming powerful Google Pixel 4 smartphone 2

Google revealed concept images of its forthcoming flagship Google Pixel 4 smartphone on Twitter Wednesday.

The tweet included two photos, which are likely the regular and XL size versions of the phone, a standard for pixel phones, with the bottom image showing a large square shaped camera on the back of the device. Google Pixel phones are known for their superb cameras and this doesn’t seem to be an exception for the Google Pixel 4.

“Well, since there seems to be some interest, here you go! Wait ’til you see what it can do. #Pixel4,” the tweet said.

Pixel phones have been critically acclaimed for their cameras. The first three iterations had only a single camera on the back, while competitors from Asus, Apple, Samsung, and Huawei had added several cameras on the back to assist with color correction or zoom focus. Google usually found a way to produce a camera that was as good or better despite only having one lens. Now with the Google Pixel 4 having more than one lens, we should expect some professional camera level shots from the upcoming smartphone for sure.

The images also didn’t show a rear fingerprint scanner which has been standard for pixel phones. This likely means that the fingerprint scanner will either be on the side of the phone or they will adopt the trending in-phone fingerprint scanners we’ve seen from companies like ZTE and Oppo.

The Google Pixel 4 of course will run stock android and get major updates first before all other phones. An advantage to consider when shopping for a new smartphone or if you’re preparing for an upgrade. Google leaks out beta programs as well for feedback on new features exclusive to their phones.

There’s currently no release date for the Google Pixel 4. However, assuming that Google continues it’s yearly schedule for new flagship releases, we should expect the Google Pixel 4 to release in the last few months of the year not to mention Google leaks their phones when they are near ready for production. The Google Pixel 4 will also likely have two sizes.

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