Google Leaks design of upcoming powerful Google Pixel 4 smartphone

Google Leaks Google Pixel 4 design on Twitter: Google revealed concept images of its forthcoming flagship Google Pixel 4 smartphone on Twitter Wednesday. The tweet included two photos, which are likely the regular and XL size versions of the phone, a standard for pixel phones, with the bottom image showing a large square shaped cameraRead More

AT&T also canceling preorders for the Samsung Galaxy Fold, joining other retailers

Canceling preorders for the Samsung Galaxy Fold: AT&T is joining other retailers in canceling preorders for the troubled Samsung Galaxy Fold smartphone. As reported by CNN, the Samsung Galaxy Fold has had multiple issues since it’s unveiling, and after two delays and an unclear resolution, consumers are becoming impatient. The wireless carrier told customers inRead More

Report: Huawei Cuts 20-30% From Smartphone Shipment Forecast due to US Ban infleunce

Huawei Cuts Smartphone Shipments by 20-30%: Huawei has “decreased its forecast for smartphone shipments in the second half of 2019 by about 20%-30% from the original forcast,” according to a report in the Nikkei Asian Review that cited “a inside source familiar with Huawei smartphone orders.” The company has also “reduced or canceled orders to major suppliersRead More

Samsung Galaxy Fold Delay got Delayed, full pre-orders cancelled.

Samsung Galaxy Fold Delay got Delayed, full pre-orders cancelled: (The Samsung Galaxy Fold delay has resulted in a loss of 88% of early adopters who pre-ordered the Smartphone since it’s unveiling.) Ever since Samsung had issues with the display and cover of their new Samsung Galaxy Fold, we have been waiting for them to relaunchRead More

Smartphone battery explosion kills 12-year old in India

Smartphone battery explosion kills 12-year old in India:   A report from Indian news outlets went viral when the family gave a statement on the Smartphone Battery Explosion that killed their 12-year old child. The smartphone that the 12-year old owned, which was a Xiaomi branded device, was put on charger when the battery ofRead More

2020 iPhones [Leaked] May Have Full-Screen Touch ID, New iPhone SE Good News

Barclays analyst Blayne Curtis and his associates today shared their expectations for both 2019 and 2020 iPhones following their trip to Asia earlier this month, where they met with some suppliers within Apple’s supply chain. Our summary of the research note, shared with MacRumors: The trio of high-end 2020 iPhones will have relatively few designRead More

Samsung Galaxy S10e Reviews (86%)

Samsung Galaxy S10e REVIEWS: By on April 19, 2019 SCORE: 80 Samsung Galaxy S10e ialah telefon pintar mercu kompak Android terbaik di pasaran pada waktu ini kerana teknologi skrin yang terbaik, spesifikasi yang berkuasa, kemampuan kamera yang amat memuaskan dan tanpa membuang banyak fungsi utama bagi mengekalkan… By on April 08, 2019 SCORE: 80 If you’re looking for a reliable flagship that’s easyRead More

Samsung Galaxy S10 Reviews (87%)

Samsung Galaxy S10 REVIEWS: By Gadgets360 on April 03, 2019 SCORE: 90 It is clear that the Galaxy S10 offers nearly all the features and benefits of the Galaxy S10+ in a more compact body and at a more affordable price. You don’t miss out on that cutting edge ultrasonic in-display fingerprint scanner or the powerful… By on April 03, 2019 SCORE: 80 InRead More

Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus Reviews (91%)

Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus REVIEWS: By Gadgets360 on March 06, 2019 SCORE: 90 The Samsung Galaxy S10+ is a brilliant smartphone with a powerful processor and a stunning display. The new hole-punch design from Samsung allows for a big display in a relatively small body. Samsung has also managed to price the Galaxy S10 series well… By TheMobileIndian on April 01, 2019 SCORE: 80 IfRead More