Samsung Galaxy S10e Reviews (86%)

Samsung Galaxy S10e REVIEWS: By on April 19, 2019 SCORE: 80 Samsung Galaxy S10e ialah telefon pintar mercu kompak Android terbaik di pasaran pada waktu ini kerana teknologi skrin yang terbaik, spesifikasi yang berkuasa, kemampuan kamera yang amat memuaskan dan tanpa membuang banyak fungsi utama bagi mengekalkan… By on April 08, 2019 SCORE: 80 If you’re looking for a reliable flagship that’s easyRead More

Samsung Galaxy S10 Reviews (87%)

Samsung Galaxy S10 REVIEWS: By Gadgets360 on April 03, 2019 SCORE: 90 It is clear that the Galaxy S10 offers nearly all the features and benefits of the Galaxy S10+ in a more compact body and at a more affordable price. You don’t miss out on that cutting edge ultrasonic in-display fingerprint scanner or the powerful… By on April 03, 2019 SCORE: 80 InRead More

Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus Reviews (91%)

Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus REVIEWS: By Gadgets360 on March 06, 2019 SCORE: 90 The Samsung Galaxy S10+ is a brilliant smartphone with a powerful processor and a stunning display. The new hole-punch design from Samsung allows for a big display in a relatively small body. Samsung has also managed to price the Galaxy S10 series well… By TheMobileIndian on April 01, 2019 SCORE: 80 IfRead More

Samsung Galaxy Fold Reviews (71%)

Samsung Galaxy Fold REVIEWS: By The Verge on April 19, 2019 SCORE: 40 This is going to be a weird review.It’ll be weird because, as I’m sure you’ve heard, several reviewers have experienced their Galaxy Fold review unit screens breaking a day or two after receiving them. Some of those breaks happened because Samsung… By Android Central on April 23, 2019 SCORE: 60 img src=”Read More

Nokia 4.2 Reviews (72%)

Nokia 4.2 REVIEWS: By on May 07, 2019 SCORE: 74 The Nokia 4.2 is a smartphone in a completely new lineup for the company. While it offers a solid build, premium design, stock Android with Android One and the Google Assistant button, its performance and cameras leave a lot to be desired. In a segment… By IndiaToday on May 07, 2019 SCORE: 75 TheRead More

Nokia 9 PureView Reviews (73%)

Nokia 9 PureView REVIEWS: By PCMag on March 14, 2019 SCORE: 70 The Nokia 9 PureView could be the right smartphone for shutterbugs, but there are better options for everyone else. By TomsGuide on March 12, 2019 SCORE: 70 The Nokia 9 PureView overcomes some flaws thanks to its intriguing five-camera array and vivid 5.99-inch display. By on February 24, 2019 SCORE: 100 Nokia showed up at Mobile WorldRead More