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PhoneCritic compiles data from professional outlets that post Smartphone reviews found across the net, in English and other languages. Once the quality of the site is determined, we take all the reviews for each specific product and produce an average score giving you and Idea of what the Industry wide consensus is on the products quality. We call this methodology the “Smart Aggregate” system. Check out our Brand List to read through our review catalog.

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Blue 91-100%: Smartphones with scores in this range are top class with marginal to zero issues, and are often symbols of quality. Usually must buys.



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Green 71-90%: Smartphones with scores in this range are well reviewed. Often recommended and have marginal flaws. Usually well polished and highly functional.



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Yellow 50-70%: Smartphones with scores in this range range from good to entry level. On the high-end you will find functional phones or phones focusing on specific features while having several flaws in other errors. Entry Level Phones or cheaper pre-paid phones also are found in this category. Premium phones that have several issues but still maintain a functional presence may also be in this category.



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Red 5%-49%: Smartphones scoring within this range are usually poorly made or don’t meet minimum standards of functionality. You may also find phones that have severe shortcomings, glitches, or other software issues that cause inconvenience. Often you will find phones made with questionable build quality in this range as well.