iPhone 7 Reviews (85%)

iPhone 7 REVIEWS: By gogi.in on October 23, 2017 SCORE: 80 This was the first time I actually used a iPhone though really not that impressed, in fact you can get the same or better experience from most Android smartphones. Having said that the iPhone 7 Plus and the iPhone 8 Plus that comes with dual cameras are… By beebom.com on September 14,Read More

iPhone 6S Reviews (87%)

iPhone 6S REVIEWS: By Macworld UK on September 09, 2016 SCORE: 80 We’re really impressed by the offerings of the iPhone 6s, especially the 3D Touch technology. If it catches on, 3D Touch will completely change how people interact with their iPhones, both in terms of browsing the web and social media as well as when… By Alphr on July 08, 2016 SCORE: 100 I’veRead More

iPhone 6 Review (89%)

iPhone 6 REVIEWS: By IT PRO on October 06, 2015 SCORE: 100 The iPhone 6s is here, but in a surprise move Apple has opted to continue selling the original iPhone 6 at a lower price. Comparing the specifications and features of the two should help guide you in choosing the iPhone that’s right for you. The iPhone… By Phones.com on April 10,Read More

iPhone 5S Review (88%)

iPhone 5S REVIEWS: By PC Advisor on September 22, 2015 SCORE: 80 If you can live with minimal storage, the 16GB iPhone 5S is a pretty good deal at £379, but most people will want 32GB, which costs £419. Given the build quality, plus the decent performance and still-perfectly-good cameras, the iPhone 5S isn’t left in… By Know Your Mobile on March 11,Read More